Ruby Lau

Ruby Lau

Ruby Lau took the AMI Course (3-6) in London in 1985. Since then she has been completely involved in Montessori work at many levels. She worked in the Maria Montessori Children’s House run by the MMTO in London from the time she completed her course. She also began to assist with the Training Course. In 1990 she left to establish a school Little Acorns which she ran successfully for 16 years with her colleague Jean Nugent. She continued to work with the MMTO as a lecturer and assisted with all aspects bringing her experience with children to the students. Ruby was formerly in advertising, and worked with the Montessori Society (AMI) UK since 1986 in various capacities. She served the Society as the Chairman and set up many awareness programmes and fundraising projects. Ruby received her AMI Trainers Certificate (3-6 age level) in 2006. She is now based in India closely associated with the Navadisha Montessori Institute in Chennai, where she brings her expertise to both students as a trainer and to the mentoring of school staff. She is still attached to the Maria Montessori Institute in London where she serves as a lecturer.

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