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AMI Diploma 3-6

The Casa Dei Bambini Teacher Training Course prepares adults for the task of helping young children to develop the fullness of their individual human potential. The course provides an opportunity to study, in depth, Montessori pedagogy and practices including the characteristics of the child from 3 to 6 years of age, the needs expressed during this stage of development, and the means available to assist the child's work of self-construction.

Course Overview:


I. Psychology, child development and philosophy of the Montessori approach.

II. The Exercises of Practical Life and the child's Acquisition of fundamental learning skills.

III. Sensorial development.

IV. Development of spoken and written language.

V. Mathematics.

VI. Geography, History, Art, Biology and Music.

VII. Supervised practice with the Montessori materials under guidance of qualified staff.

VIII. Observation in AMI classes.

IX. Practice Teaching in AMI classes under supervision of the trainers.

X. Material making.

XI. Preparation of albums containing illustrated notes of didactic materials.

The Assessment and Completion

A. Finish the course: submission of the original albums B. Finish required reading.

C. Material Making.

D. Practice with Montessori material under supervision E. Observation of children in Montessori classrooms.

F. Practice Teaching.

G. Attendance rate: A minimum of 90% Attendance is required H. Complement of written and oral examinations.

Students who have completed the course will receive the certificate of AMI 3-6 Diploma Course.


The Trainers:


Louise Livingston

Louise Livingston first developed an interest in understanding children through her work as a counselor to abused children with the UK charity Childline. She gained her Montessori diploma at the 3-6 level at the Maria Montessori Institute in London. She has worked for some years in Children’s Houses latterly running one of the Maria Montessori Institute’s own schools. Louise is presently Director of Training at the Maria Montessori Institute in London where she is responsible for the full time courses. She is a national examiner for AMI and lectures both in the UK and internationally. She is on the organising committee of the UK AMI Affiliated Society and is the editor of their publication Direction. She is also on the council of Montessori Education UK, the body responsible for running the UK Montessori schools accreditation scheme. Louise was part of the AMI Centenary Steering Committee and played a key role in co-ordinating the Centenary activities around the world. She is a key member of the committee co-ordinating the AMI parent support initiative Aid to Life and has been responsible for co-writing and editing all the initial audio visual and printed resources. She is a key member of the AMI Faculty offering training in China.


Ruby Lau

Ruby Lau took the AMI Course (3-6) in London in 1985. Since then she has been completely involved in Montessori work at many levels. She worked in the Maria Montessori Children’s House run by the MMTO in London from the time she completed her course. She also began to assist with the Training Course. In 1990 she left to establish a school Little Acorns which she ran successfully for 16 years with her colleague Jean Nugent. She continued to work with the MMTO as a lecturer and assisted with all aspects bringing her experience with children to the students. Ruby was formerly in advertising, and worked with the Montessori Society (AMI) UK since 1986 in various capacities. She served the Society as the Chairman and set up many awareness programmes and fundraising projects. Ruby received her AMI Trainers Certificate (3-6 age level) in 2006. She is now based in India closely associated with the Navadisha Montessori Institute in Chennai, where she brings her expertise to both students as a trainer and to the mentoring of school staff. She is still attached to the Maria Montessori Institute in London where she serves as a lecturer. 


Teenaz Reporter

AMI Trainer
Teenaz Reporter, AMI Trainer, gained her AMI Montessori Diploma at the 3-6 age level training with Ms. Lakshmi Krishnakumar at the Montessori Training and Research Centre in the year 1998-1999. She began her career in India in the Taraporewalla's Montessori House of Children in Hyderabad. Subsequently over a period of eight years she expanded her experience working in Montessori schools in New York and Maryland. In 2009 she began the rigorous AMI Training of Trainers Programme in Hyderabad and subsequently spent two years in Chennai at Navadisha Montessori Foundation. She has served on the faculty of the AMI course in Thrissur, Kerala. She is currently on the faculty of the AMI course in Koramangala, Bangalore. She also assists with the AMI courses in Jia Ding and Hang Zhou, China.

Total Fee:


Tuition fee:RMB 69,000

AMI membership fee:RMB 1,800

Registration conditions:

bachelor degree.

People with pre-school education major, has Montessori related learning experience or work background is preferred.


Registration information


1.Scanning copy for ID card /Passport.

2.Two-inch ID photo.

3.Scanning cope for graduation certificate.

4.Personal resume, please specify your experience in Montessori teaching if you have.

5.Write a letter and answer the following three questions (Please answer in the form of a thesis, no less than 1000


A. Why do you want to attend this course?

B. How did you know "AMI Shenzhen Training Center"?

C. A brief introduction about the school and class you are working in (non-teacher can introduce your current work or personal situation)

6. Recommendation letter from an AMI graduate/trainee or your company.

7. Scanning copy of the application form.




Peninsula Kindergarten Phase III., Golden Century Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.

Progress of previous training:



Phase I (2012-2014), closed

Phase II (2014-2016), closed

Phase III (2015-2017), closed

Phase Ⅳ(2015-2017), closed

Phase V(2018-2020),closed

Phase Ⅵ(2020-2022),closed 


Recent training:


Phase Ⅶ (2021-2023),Registration has closed.

Module 1: 28 June - 6 August 2021

Spring Workshop: 17 January to 22 January 2022

Module 2: 4 July - 12 August 202

Spring Workshop: 9 January - 14 January 202

Module 3: 3 July - 11 August 2023

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