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AMI Assistants Certificate 3-6

The AMI Montessori Assistants Certificate Early Childhood 3-6 course gives an introduction to Montessori pedagogy and training for the role of assistant in a Montessori early childhood Centre or preschool classroom. The course is also useful for parents, careers, and childcare professionals from other fields who would like an in depth understanding of the Montessori approach to education.

Course Overview:


I. Introduction to Montessori

II. The role of the Directress

III. The role of the assistant

IV. Overview of the planes of Development

V. The Child’s Mind from 0-6

VI. Order

VII. Movement 0-6



X. Prepared Environment

XI. Freedom and Discipline

XII. Social Development

XIII. Keys to Observation

XV. Music

XVI. Art

XVII. Maintaining the environment (Indoor and Outdoor)

XVIII. Material Making Techniques

A. Completion of all course content and assigned observation task.

B. Attendance rate: A minimum of 90% Attendance is required.

C. Assignments: Submission of three papers (500 words each) on topics set by the Trainer/Auxiliary Trainer, to be submitted and meet the requirements by a date stipulated by the training center.

Students who have completed the course will receive the Certificate of AMI 3-6 Assistants Course.


The Trainers:


AMI 3-6 Trainer

Course Fee:



Registration Information:


1. Scanning copy for ID card /Passport

2. Two-inch ID photo

3. Scanning cope for graduation certificate

4.Scanning copy of the application form



Peninsula Kindergarten Phase III., Golden Century Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China

Progress Of Previous Training:


Phase I 2015, closed

Phase II 2016, closed

Phase III 2017, closed

Phase Ⅳ2018, closed (June 18-June 29, 2018)

Phase V 2019, closed (May 13-May 24, 2019)

Phase Ⅵ 2020,closed(November 30-December 19, 2020)

Phase Ⅶ  2021,closed(November 1-November 20, 2021)

Phase Ⅷ  2022,closed(April 1-April 20, 2022)

Phase Ⅸ  2022,closed(June 13-July 3, 2022)


Recent Training:


Phase Ⅹ 2023,Registration is open(June 6-June 17, 2023)

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