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AMI Diploma 6-12

The Elementary Training Course prepares adults for the task of helping children aged six to twelve to develop the fullness of their individual human potential. The course provides an opportunity to study, in depth, Montessori pedagogy, practices and child development as well as an interdisciplinary approach to the study of man, his endeavors and his relationship with the universe.

Course Overview:


I. Montessori philosophy and practices of education with particular emphasis on the child aged 6 to 12 years.

II. Mathematics (arithmetic, geometry and algebra).

III. Language, written and spoken including functional aspects of grammar appropriate for children aged 6-12 years.

IV. History and Prehistory.

V. Physical and Biological Sciences: understanding of the origins and development of the universe and of the human being's relationships to this development.

VI. Presentations of physical and political geography which are designed to give an understanding of the interdependencies of the Earth and life upon it.

VII. Supervised practice sessions with Montessori materials under guidance of qualified staff.

VIII. Observation in AMI classes.

IXP. ractice teaching in AMI classes under the supervision of the trainers.

X. Material making.

XI. Preparation of albums containing illustrated notes of didactic materials.

Course Fee :


To be determined

Registration Conditions:


bachelor degree.

Hold the AMI3-6 age level certificate (if you don't have,need to take the Foundation Course).

People with pre-school education major, has Montessori related learning experience or work background is preferred.

Registration Information:


1. Scanning copy for ID card /Passport

2. Two-inch ID photo

3. Scanning cope for graduation certificate

4. Personal resume, please specify your experience in Montessori teaching if you have

5. Write a letter and answer the following three questions (Please answer in the form of a thesis, no less than 1000


A.  Why do you want to attend this course?

B.  How did you know "AMI Shenzhen Training Center"?

C.  A brief introduction about the school and class you are working in (non-teacher can introduce your current work or personal situation)

6. Recommendation letter from an AMI graduate/trainee or your company.

7. Scanning copy of the application form



To be determined



To be determined

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