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AMI Assistants Certificate 6-12

The AMI Assistants Certificate Elementary 6-12 course provides an opportunity to learn and practice Montessori education approach. From this course, students have more opportunities to understand the characteristics of children in the development plane of 6-12, and lay the foundation for better helping the 6-12-year-old children to maximize their potential.

Course Overview:


1. Introduction to Montessori.

2. Introduction to Montessori’s theory of human development • Needs and tendencies • Self construction • Four planes of development • Characteristics of child in second plane.

3. The prepared environment for the second plane • The elementary teacher • The materials • Other adults (assistant, experts).

4. The plan for the elementary child • Cosmic education • The pedagogical techniques (examples of lessons may be included) • Role of teacher (transmitter of knowledge, inspiration) • Class composition (mixed ages, sufficient children) • Story telling/oral introductions (Great Stories/ other stories) • Content knowledge (key lessons) • Sensorial/imaginative presentations, leading to abstraction • Develop imagination, leading to creativity • Awareness of necessity for social/moral development • Going Out (implementing the child’s self construction) • Other adults (there is more outside the classroom).

5. Freedom and responsibility • Freedom as applied to child in elementary environment • Responsibility as applied to child in elementary environment.

6. Interacting with the elementary child • Manner of speaking to a child • Appropriate direction for a child • Manner of redirecting child.

7. Assisting the trained teacher • Have regular meetings with the teacher • Observation of the children that supports the work of the teacher/child • Maintenance of the environment • Ordering supplies • Accompanying children on Going Outs • Role Model for appropriate classroom behaviours (language, movement, activity) • Maintain confidentiality.

The Assessment and Completion

A. Completion of all course content and assigned observation task.

B. Attendance rate: A minimum of 90% Attendance is required.

C. Assignments: Submission of three papers (500 words each) on topics set by the Trainer/Auxiliary Trainer, to be submitted and meet the requirements by a date stipulated by the training center.

Students who have completed the course will receive the Certificate of AMI 6-12 Assistants Course.


The Trainers:


AMI6-12 trainer

Total Fee:


The total course fee is RMB7,600 (among which RMB1,000 is a non-refundable deposit for application ).

Registration Information::


1. Scanning copy for ID card /Passport

2. Two-inch ID photo

3. Scanning cope for graduation certificate

4.Scanning copy of the application form


Progress Of Previous Training:


Phase I 2016, closed (September 12-23, 2016)

Phase II 2017, closed (May 1-12, 2017)

Phase III 2018, closed (January 15-26, 2018)

Phase Ⅳ2019, closed (November 18-29, 2018)

Phase Ⅴ 2020,closed (November 18-29, 2018)

Phase Ⅵ 2021,closed (November 8-26, 2021)

Phase Ⅶ 2022,closed (September 19-October 30, 2022)

Recent Training:


Phase Ⅷ 2023,Registration not open.

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